Mobility and Recovery Seminar

Free Mobility and Recovery Seminar! 

Since EVERYONE  needs to improve their mobility the majority of us DO NOT take care of our bodies the way we should...

The Training Room of Sea Bright wants to help!

This seminar is FREE to everyone but limited to the first 25 people who sign up!

Here's what will be covered...

  • The secret to self myofascial release using foam rollers and balls (not just rolling out)
  • What should be done right after you use the foam roller to maximize your results.
  • Unique mobility and muscle activation exercises using light kettlebells and bands.
  • How to put ALL of this together into a take home/gym warm-up routine that you can do each day to become more mobile with less pain.
  • FREE sample programs for everyone to take home.
This seminar will be run by Mike Stehle, Co-owner of The Training Room of Avon, Manasquan and Sea Bright. 

In addition to co-owning and operating The Training Room since 1999, Mike has been the Athletic Trainer for Freehold High School since 1990.

Mike has been a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) with over 26 years on the front lines of coaching, treating and helping athletes and general population get stronger, move better and feel better.

Come join the FUN and learn how you can recover better from your training, gain mobility and move more efficiently! 

You MUST register for this event if you want in on this.

April 7, 2016
Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
TR Sea Bright
1006 Ocean Ave
Sea Bright, NJ 07760 US
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Spaces Left: 5 Capacity: 25
Event Price: FREE